Clinical Services

At Harvesting Hope, our well-crafted services empower individuals and families to thrive through mental health support, social reading programs, and mentoring guidance. Experience lasting change as our dedicated experts help you discover resilience, personal growth, and holistic wellbeing.

At Harvesting Hope, our well-crafted services empower individuals and families to thrive through mental health support. We believe that good mental health is integral to overall well-being. We provide behavioral and mental health counseling to individuals across the lifespan from ages two years old through adulthood. Our experienced clinicians are adept in individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, group counseling. Anger management and parenting support groups can also be provided.


We provide behavioral/mental health counseling to individuals across the lifespan from ages 2 through adulthood. We provide individual, couples, family, group counseling. Anger management and parenting support groups.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is one on one therapy between the therapist and person receiving support. A therapeutic relationship established be building trust and a safe space. The therapist and the individual work together to identify goals that can help promote change and or improve quality of life.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a type of therapy with multiple people sharing the counseling experience with one or two therapist providing support.

Couple or Family Therapy

Family therapy or Couple counseling address specific issues that affect the psychological health of the family. It may be used as the primary mode of treatment or as a complementary approach. Families can benefit from therapy to explore and identify patterns that is causing a disruption in functioning and or life transitions that is causing stress on the family.

Youth Development Support

Our academic support includes literacy and summer enrichment programs. Our literacy program hosts a monthly Reading Social for children birth through 12 years old. However, we do not turn anyone away. It is a two hour activity that includes reading, healthy snacks, and art projects.


We provide mentoring to children in many different ways and it is a part of the overall structure of the organization. Mentoring is offered 1:1 or within a group. Our literacy program is another way we mentor youth. We offer school-based and community-based mentoring. We also have an athletic mentoring program for boys 9th-12th grade. We also host an annual Youth Expo for middle school youth that provides college and career readiness support, social-emotional education, S.T.E.A.M, financial literacy, and much more.


We offer teletherapy services. It is important that you have a private and safe space for your therapy session. This may include being in your bedroom, home office, or your parked car. You may also need to inform others that you have an appointment and set boundaries around not being disturbed during this time. You will need equipment such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Other equipment you may need are headphones, earbuds, a fan, or white noise to improve the level of privacy. You must provide the therapist with your current location have access to the internet.

Youth Job Training Program

We offer a six week job training program for youth ages 14-20. The program provides youth with employment skills to prepare them for employment, volunteer work, and college. The program covers interview skills, communication skills, resume writing, and financial education. They are encouraged to apply to local jobs including with our partners or with us. They are followed for one to two years to document their progress and to provide support if needed.